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These days everything lives on the web: newspapers; children's homework resources; online banking; your grocery shopping; business websites like this one to tell you all about a company's products and services. It's generally the first place we go when we want some information. And now that we carry the web everywhere with us on our smart phones and tablets it's critical that sites are instantly accessible, easy to navigate, content-rich and engaging. Web Design Professionals generally work as part of a team converting the ideas of non-technical people into functioning web sites. They need to have a good understanding of web standards, web development techniques and of best practices. They also need great project management skills as these are vital in making sure development projects flow with the minimum of disruption. This track will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to become a Web Design Professional. It will also give you industry recognised certifications and help you build a portfolio that will demonstrate your competence to employers, peers and customers.